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Sometimes trying to sort out a courier can be a hassle. You’re in a hurry and they are asking you to fill out five hundred forms to take a parcel around the corner. Literally. You don’t have time to run out with the parcel, but nor do you have time to fill out all the paperwork. Other times, you need to ship something to the other side of the world, but don’t have time to head to the post office, or your local DHL office. Ordering a pick-up isn’t feasible either, as you need to leave to catch a flight. Right now. Thankfully, there’s no longer any reason to be stressed about finding the right courier, or standing in line at the post office. Your local Pinga partners can help with all that.

On Pinga, there is no minimum spend required, so if you’re only shipping something three blocks, you won’t be charged a fortune. Which is a relief if you really don’t have time to deliver it yourself. Maybe you’re stuck in back-to-back meetings, or would simply prefer not to leave the couch as you’re too busy binge watching Netflix. We all need a day off sometimes. Think of Pinga partners as your new neighbours — they’re friendly, ready to assist and available round the clock. Whenever you need something, be it to courier a parcel, mow your lawn, or get your paws on the ingredients you forgot to buy for supper, your Pinga partners will be there to assist.

The Pinga app works in a similar manner to Uber — you put a request out and whoever is nearby and can help you out, replies. It’s free to download, easy to use and offers secure payment.

So, next time you need to deliver a parcel, or important document, don’t fret if you don’t have time to drive across town with it, nor have time to wait while scheduling a courier to come in three hours time. Your local Pinga partners are available around the clock and easily accessible. Just put out a request for what you need and whoever is nearby will respond and assist. Before you know it, what you want, will have arrived at your doorstep — or in this case: been delivered it to someone else’s doorstep.

Get what you want, when you want it. Try Pinga today.

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Gone are the days of minimum spend to courier something. Pinga couriers whatever you need around the neighbourhood.

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Needed a couple of bottles of Sauvignon blanc as I have guests round and we’re on our last bottle.

Key Drop

Need a beer run for the office party, could someone pick up 20-30 cold cans?

Old Street
Hard Drive

Pale ale please, in need of 4 x cans please.

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What is Pinga?

What is Pinga?

With your Pinga app, you can order anything from anywhere. There is no minimum order amount and deliver costs just £2.50.

Pinga can deliever anything. That’s right, anything! Unlike other delivery options or gig economy businesses, we use vetted people in your local area who are available to help you with your task.

So, download the app today and get your first delivery for free.

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