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H&M is a multinational clothing-retail company that provides easy fashion for men and women of all ages. It can be found in almost any retail park or highstreet and its affordable clothing makes it a staple in many people’s wardrobes. However, in this new day and age huge retail stores like this are slowly emptying as more and more customers look for online delivery. Rather than sifting through coat hangers in an air conditioned room and making awkward eye contact with sales assistants, people now shop from the comfort of their own bed. At Pinga we recognise this trend and are here to make your shopping even easier. When buying H&M Delivery you’re encouraged to spend more money when shopping online by placing a minimum spending amount to qualify for an order. With Pinga there is no minimum required so you can get H&M Delivery without wasting your time and money trawling through countless items to qualify for delivery.

Waiting for an H&M Delivery can be typically between 1-4 days, which can seem too long at times, especially for an upcoming generation that expects things almost instantaneously. By using Pinga there is no need to wait this long, our trusted Pinga Partners will personally get H&M delivered the same day, in-fact usually within an hour! So next time you need to make a last minute purchase to complete your outfit for the fancy dress party, Pinga will sort you out.

Using Pinga is fast and simple. All you need to do is download our app and send out your request for the item(s) of clothing you want and a nearby Pinga Partner will go and collect it for you. Our services extend beyond just clothing so whatever you want, whether it be more toothpaste or a new charger, our Pinga Partners will help you out.

How to get deliveries from H&M

Pinga delivers any items from Primark today. Infact our service normally delivers within an hour, so if you’re looking for same day delivers from H&M, send your request via the Pinga App.

How Pinga Works

Request from H&M

Describe what items you needs to be delivered from H&M and send your request.

Assigned local partner

We will find a local Pinga Partner who can help you out right away

Track and Pay

Pay securely within the app and receive your H&M items to your door!


One pair of slim fit black jeans, waist 36 please.


Can someone pick up a plain white t-shirt size small if possible?

Old Street

In need of an H&M hoodie for my boyfriend.

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What is Pinga?

What is Pinga?

With your Pinga app, you can order anything from anywhere. There is no minimum order amount and deliver costs just £2.50.

Pinga can deliever anything. That’s right, anything! Unlike other delivery options or gig economy businesses, we use vetted people in your local area who are available to help you with your task.

So, download the app today and get your first delivery for free.

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