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Pharmacy Delivery Near Me

You know the feeling: you wake up with a dreadful headache, a runny nose and an insistent ache in your bones. You have caught the flu. Possibly just the man flu, but the flu nonetheless.

Then there’s that dreaded moment when you realise you don’t have any painkillers at home and the thought of walking all of three blocks to get to the pharmacy… You shudder even contemplating it. Not only would it mean you’d have to move your achy bones, you’d also have to face other people while looking like a cross between Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frankenstein’s Monster. Charming.

So what to do? Use Pinga, of course!

Pinga is an easy to use app that connects Pinga partners with those in need of a service. When you put a request out, be it for painkillers, or someone to jumpstart your car, whoever is nearby will respond. You pay for the service through the app and before you know it, your Pinga partner arrives at your doorstep to assist you, or simply to drop off whatever you needed.

The great thing with Pinga, apart from boosting that community feel, is that there is no service too big, or too small. Ordering just the one bucket of ice cream from Ocado and waiting 24-hours for delivery isn’t going to cut it when you are sitting in your PJs, having just turned on your favourite Netflix show. Getting dressed again would clearly be way too demanding as well, but using Pinga is simple enough.

We all know that heading to the pharmacy when we are feeling under the weather can be a pain. Not to mention: taking a sick child to the pharmacy when they’re puking all over the shop. And have you ever been stuck in the office, knowing you can’t leave, but unable to work properly because you have a looming headache? Thankfully, your local Pinga partners will be able to go to the nearest pharmacy and pick up what you need.

Not only that, if you’re sick, a Pinga partner may even be able to come over and help you cook, mow your lawn, or walk your dog. Pinga is all about the community effort.

Pinga is easy to use. All you have to do is download the app and send a request for what it is you need. Your local Pinga network will handle it from there. And before you know it, what you need will have arrived at your doorstep.

There’s no minimum spend required, so don’t worry if you only need the one thing from your local pharmacy, or shop.

Get what you want, when you want it. Try Pinga today.

Any Pharmacy Delivered

Gone are the days of minimum spend and being restricted to order products from a single shop. Pinga delivers what you want, when you want it. We can help you pick up over the counter or items from your local pharmacy.

How Pinga Works

Request a item

Describe what you need from your Pharmacy and send your request.

Assigned local partner

We will find a local Pinga Partner who can help you out right away

Track and Pay

Pay securely within the app and receive your item from your local Pharmacy!

Local Pharmacy

Needed a couple of bottles of Sauvignon blanc as I have guests round and we’re on our last bottle.


Need a beer run for the office party, could someone pick up 20-30 cold cans?

Old Street
Tesco Pharmacy

Pale ale please, in need of 4 x cans please.

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What is Pinga?

What is Pinga?

With your Pinga app, you can order anything from anywhere. There is no minimum order amount and deliver costs just £2.50.

Pinga can deliever anything. That’s right, anything! Unlike other delivery options or gig economy businesses, we use vetted people in your local area who are available to help you with your task.

So, download the app today and get your first delivery for free.

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