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There are a million and one reasons why we love Starbucks. Whether you are a coffee connoisseur, a tea fiend or just love to snuggle down with a comforting hot chocolate, there’s something for everyone – even iced coffees for people who don’t like hot drinks! Whether you’re after a caffeine pick me up or your favourite Starbucks beetroot wrap, Starbucks has a special place in our hearts, and there are days when nothing short of Starbucks will do.

It might be that there isn’t a Starbucks close by, or maybe you’re tied up with something at home or work. Fear not, Pinga is here to save the day! Our Pinga Partners can come to your rescue before those caffeine cravings really begin to kick in.. The system is really simple. First download our application, then put out your Starbucks request and wait for one of our network of trusted Pinga Partners to respond. Once the details of your request have been clarified, you can pay through the app and then chill out before your order arrives..

With Pinga there is no minimum payment, so you don’t need to order a load of things that you don’t really want. Just stick to exactly what you need, when you need it. Our Pinga Partners are trusted and reliable and will treat your requests with the utmost of care – making sure to get your Starbucks order to you in tip top condition. They get a good sense of community and you get your favourite Starbucks goodies delivered straight into your hands!

And it’s not just Starbucks. If you want some nibbles to go with your coffee from somewhere else, your wish is Pinga’s command. Just put the request through and our Pinga Partners will pick it up. Pinga love helping, but would love even more to have you on board with us. To help you get started today, here’s a closer look at our service and how everything works.

How to get deliveries from Starbucks

Pinga delivers any items from Starbucks today. Infact our service normally delivers within an hour, so if you’re looking for same day delivers from Starbucks, send your request via the Pinga App.

How Pinga Works

Request Starbucks Items

Describe what items you needs to be delivered from Starbucks and send your request.

Assigned local partner

We will find a local Pinga Partner who can help you out right away

Track and Pay

Pay securely within the app and receive your Starbucks items to your door!


Needed a couple of bottles of Sauvignon blanc as I have guests round and we’re on our last bottle.


Need a beer run for the office party, could someone pick up 20-30 cold cans?

Old Street

Pale ale please, in need of 4 x cans please.

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What is Pinga?

What is Pinga?

With your Pinga app, you can order anything from anywhere. There is no minimum order amount and deliver costs just £2.50.

Pinga can deliever anything. That’s right, anything! Unlike other delivery options or gig economy businesses, we use vetted people in your local area who are available to help you with your task.

So, download the app today and get your first delivery for free.

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