Fast growing, London based tech startup seeks modern day iOS wizard!

Hi Wizard.

First off, let us introduce ourselves. We are Pinga ( and we let people tap a button and get anything delivered to their door in 15 minutes. We also help people earn money doing small tasks for people in their community, when and where they want. By connecting these two groups, we want to change society to make it more normal to help people around you. Cool right? We are at the centre of a £74 BILLION industry, which is growing at an astonishing rate. We are perfectly positioned to disrupt on-demand delivery by doing away with traditional transactional couriers and replacing them with local people who happen to be in the right place at the right time. This is great for consumers too because they get cheaper and faster delivery!

So what have we been up to? We’re 18 months old and just closed our 2nd fund raise off the back of a successful launch in Nottingham last year, where 3,000 users downloaded in just a few months. We love our work because every day we’re taking on the ‘status quo’ and taking the sharing economy to the max. It is now crunch time. Pinga is launching in London to prove this world changing concept can make it in the best city in the world. This means ramping up product development and we sure do have a lot to do. We have so much user feedback, our product roadmap covers the entire office floor. Managing this product development is the job of a wizard iOS developer. Some people would call this position a Lead iOS Developer, but that does not come close to what you’ll actually be doing. Depending on what you’ve done in the past, we’re budgeting for a competitive salary, with a generous share options package.

So what does the role actually look like? At its basic level you need to love coding. Initially, we’d like you to build on the Swift code we already have, but we’re completely open to re-architecting later on — we’ll need to get on Android when we start scaling so we’d like you to have a passion for learning new languages such as React Native when the time comes to do this. BUT you won’t just be doing it, you will be living and owning the problems and coming up with great ideas to solve them.. You will be thinking on the spot, improving ideas and seeing potential pitfalls.

What about you then? Well, we aren’t a stickler for the rules but we want you to have been coding for at least a couple of years. Now we don’t care if that’s in your bedroom, the local pub or up the Eiffel tower. We also need you to be bi-lingual (yes in code). Finally, please tell me you’ve taken an app from concept to App Store release? Now for the musts… You must be happy to build on what we have — don’t worry it’s great code. You MUST get onboard with our vision and you MUST like us. Otherwise it really won’t work out well. Now the musts are over here are some nice to haves. Some back-end experience would be great, PHP specifically. Also if you know anything about that Blockchain thing we keep hearing about that’s another bonus.

Right so what do we need you to do?

● Email us a link to your LinkedIn profile (a modern day iOS wizard does not need a CV)

● In that email, could you also answer the questions below.

Now if you do all of this (sorry it’s a lot) then we guarantee our CEO will get back to you with feedback on your application within 24 hours. GUARANTEE.

Our iOS wizard questions (keep it short and sweet!)

  1. You’ve obviously downloaded Pinga from the App Store, so what do you think of it? What would you change? How would you improve it?
  2. What’s your favourite book?
  3. Name a product that you think achieved product market fit in the perfect way, and why?

Please email your LinkedIn profile and answers to with the subject line ‘I am an iOS wizard’

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