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Need something delivered to your door? Need a hand at home? Need to send a parcel across London? You can ask for (almost anything) and a trusted Pinga Partner will help you out in minutes.

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How it works

Send your request

Send your request

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Connect with a Pinga Partner

Connect with a Pinga Partner

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Track and Pay

Track and Pay

Keep track of your Pinga Partner on the App and pay them securely through the app when your request is complete

Richard's Display Picture
Richard, Fitness (C)
35 mins Hackney

Can someone help me move my new sofa up the stairs. All on my own out here….

Dom's Display Picture
Dom, Parent
13 mins Hackney

Can I borrow a large baking tray from someone please?

Sophie's Display Picture
Sophie, Artist
9 mins Nottingham

I need someone to help me jumpstart my car :(

Jack's Display Picture
Jack, PM
28 mins Hackney

Someone to sit in our house until 4.30 to let an electrician in!!

Cara's Display Picture
Cara, Musician
12 mins London Fields

Could I borrow an Iphone charger from someone please. My husband has taken mine with him!

Richard's Display Picture
Richard, Business
40 mins Shoreditch

Could someone collect my dogs from the dog minder and bring them home for me?

How Pinga Works

Watch: About Pinga (1m 26s)

How Pinga Works

You discuss what you need directly with your Pinga Partner via in-app chat. You’ll then view the arrival of your Pinga Partner and pay directly via the app.

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