Ripped Jeans Meeting Issue

Another week and another small emergency Pinga needed to solve. It was a lovely winters day in London when just after lunch there was a request from Mayfair. 

Lisa was in the area for an important meeting, but, she had SPLIT her jeans. Oooooooops. As you might tell, this was not ideal for her and how could she protect her modesty?

She requested via her Pinga App for a pair of size 16 high wasted pair of jeans from Primark

No problem, we’re here to help!

The request was picked up by the Pinga partner Mike who quickly went to Primark in Oxford Street. A dash through the huge store he picked up the new pair of jeans. Well, actually we was a little bit worried he might buy the wrong size so messaged her to ask her if she wanted a 30″ or 28″ leg. 

This was an urgent request, but, thankfully Lisa has a lovely new pair of jeans for her important 4:30pm meeting!

Have a small life emergency you need to solve? 🚨🚨

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