What happens when you press ‘Send request’

Tap ‘Send request’ and your request goes out to all active Pinga partners close by, currently that’s 2,000 metres.  They’ll think about how long the task might take and if it’s looking good, get chatting with you to find out what you need!

Once your request is understood, your friendly Pinga Partner sends through a price proposal (often when they’re in the shop) before they get on their merry way to help you out. 

It all happens pretty quickly, our average task completion time is 16 minutes.

How does the money bit work?

When you accept a price proposal, the funds for the task are held on your card – you’re only charged when the task is complete.

Does anything ever go wrong?

Well actually…no! 100% of tasks have been successfully completed (once the price was agreed). Pinga Partners have proven themselves to be rather resourceful in finding some quite niche items….and in the event they can’t help you out, will let you know in the chat.

But if any glitches occur (like a technical problem) then we pride ourselves on very fast customer service. If anyone ever found themselves out of pocket (not happened yet), we’d always refund them.

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