The True Gig Economy Is Here

Recent enquiries have illustrated that there is an ongoing issue with a number of companies that engage with the gig economy. Many of these companies exert too high a level of control over their workforce, often restricting the ability to access the freedom and enjoyment of true participation in the gig economy. These companies often ask their workers to wear a uniform, tell their workers which jobs to take, give them set times to work, and penalise them when they don’t take jobs.

Pinga is introducing a new level of flexibility to the gig economy,taking it to its ‘maxim’. Our workforce are called ‘Pinga Partners’, these individuals are a non-employed workforce. Pinga Partners have no uniforms, no set work times and they have the autonomy to decide which tasks they would like to take. Another benefit is that no equipment is needed to carry out work for Pinga. All tasks are within a 1km radius so they can be carried out on foot. When signing up to become a Pinga Partner, you are signing up for a role in which you can earn money on your own terms, whenever and wherever you like.

The flexibility of this role allows users to carry out tasks on their own terms. This means you could make some extra cash on your way home from work, on a trip to the supermarket or even on your lunch break. It means that people no longer need to set time aside to generate some extra income. The app has made it possible to earn some extra money without disrupting your daily routine making the app reflective of the true nature of the gig economy.

Pinga Partners can help out members of their local community through a fast and friendly service. With the average delivery time on Pinga being just 15 minutes and 30 seconds, carrying out a task to help someone else, as well as yourself, has never been so time effective.

If this is something you might be interested in and you would like to become a Pinga Partner yourself… you can get in touch with the Pinga team on or sign up here.

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