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What baby essentials do you need?

Need baby health items, and other essentials like nappys and wipes delivered to your door in a hurry? With Pinga you can get anything you need for your baby delivered in minutes. Our friendly Pinga partners will deliver the brands you trust, including Calpol, Nurofen, Boots, Snuffle Babe, Sudocrem and Gripe water with no price mark-up. You can ask for (almost anything) we’ll get it on it’s way to you in a flash.

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How it works

Ask for Baby essentials

Ask for Baby essentials

Type in what you need and send your request to our Pinga Partners

Connect with a Pinga Partner

Connect with a Pinga Partner

We will find a local Pinga Partner who can help you out right away

Track and Pay

Track and Pay

Keep track of your delivery and pay securely through the app

Louise's Display Picture
Louise, Mother
17 mins London Fields

Needed Calpol in a hurry late at night, thanks Pinga!

Joshua's Display Picture
Joshua, Lawyer
21 mins Hackney

Our little boy was teething, got teething gel in 20 mins 😇

Sasha's Display Picture
Sasha, Designer
16 mins Nottingham

Was at soft play and had no nappys, got them in a flash :-)

Rob's Display Picture
Rob, Marketing
19 mins Shoreditch

Was late at night and needed gripe water for our little girl - got it in 20 mins 👌

Matt's Display Picture
Matt, Teacher
19 mins Hackney

Tapped Pinga when needed Snuffle Babe for our little one

Harry's Display Picture
Harry, Dad
22 mins Whitechapel

Pinga to the rescue when our twins were teething and needed Nurofen in the middle of the night

How Pinga Works

Watch: About Pinga (1m 26s)

How Pinga Works

You discuss what you need directly with your Pinga Partner via in-app chat. You’ll then view the arrival of your Pinga Partner and pay directly via the app.

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