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    Why Become a

    Pinga Retailer?

    Increase Sales

    Your business will be exposed to thousands of active Pinga app users.

    Gain new customers

    New customers shopping through Pinga will visit your shop on the app and in person.

    Affordable Commission

    We’re not greedy – we have one of the lowest commission charges of any on-demand delivery company.

    Support Local

    Help encourage people to shop locally, and be part of a sustainable, low emissions organisation.

    How it


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    Partner with Pinga and tell us about your business, join other retailers, start selling.

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    Start Selling. That means absolutely no additional work for you & your staff!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Have you got any other questions?
    You can prompt any other FAQs by contacting us.

    What are your charges?

    Pinga’s aim is to help high street retailers flourish and increase sales and so there are no upfront or fixed costs. Our fee is 15%+VAT on any items purchased through the app at your store.

    How does Pinga work?

    • The customer will make an order at your store via the app – you can choose if you would like to be notified when an order is made.
    • The Pinga partner will then come to your store and buy the item like a normal customer would. Therefore you/your colleagues would not need to prepare the order in advance or deal with any substitutions. Which means no additional work involved.
    • The Pinga partner then delivers the item directly to the customer.

    What is your delivery radius?

    Our delivery radius is 3km as we want to encourage people to shop locally and sustainably.

    Does any equipment need to be set up?

    Nothing at all. There’s no integration system needed as our Pinga partners come into the store and purchase the items like a normal customer. Therefore you do not need to be notified in order to prepare the order for collection.

    How do we get paid?

    Since our partners go through the purchasing process like normal customers, you will be paid for the items on the spot and we will invoice you for the commission at the end of the month.

    How do I sign up?

    Just fill out the form above and a member of the Pinga team will get in touch as soon as possible to get you onboarded!

    Pinga is now part of Beelivery.

    Pinga is no longer taking orders but you can place an order for groceries, alchohol, tabacco and more at Beelivery.