Cake delivered in under 90 minutes 

Cakes delivered for free, with no minimum spend, to my door? I’m in. 

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The most delicious, succulent cakes delivered straight to you

Our team of Pinga Partners will deliver the best local cakes – from shops, cafes, or bakeries – straight to your door. Download the app, place your order and get a cake (or multiple cakes, no judgement) delivered in under 90 minutes. 


Get your first delivery free using promo code ILOVECAKE

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How it works

Browse local stores

Browse local stores

Choose up to 25 items and your local Pinga person gets shopping

Delivered within 90 mins

Delivered within 90 mins

We source locally, so it’s coming from just around the corner

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Our Pinga people are fully vetted and DBS checked. No mountains of waste packaging

Get a fresh cake delivered, fast


There’s a birthday in the office and you’ve not bought a celebration cake yet. Or, (heaven forbid), the specialist cake you ordered for your daughter’s birthday just hasn’t arrived yet. Fear not, Pinga is here to save the day and fill that cake-shaped hole.


How, you ask? It’s simple. Download the Pinga app (we’re on iOS and Android), find a local shop, cafe or bakery that serves cakes, and order as many as you like (well, up to 25, but if you’re ordering more than that you deserve a medal!).


They’ll be picked up by one of our fully vetted & trusted Pinga Partners, and brought straight to your door, in no more than 90 minutes. If they’re super speedy and efficient that day, you may even get your cake(s) in as little as 30 minutes.


If that wasn’t good enough, you can also get free delivery on your first order using the promo code ILOVECAKE at checkout.


Quick, get that cake order in!

Cake Delivery FAQs

Where do you deliver these fabulous cakes to?

We currently service major areas of East, North and Central London (including Islington, Hackney, and Tower Hamlets).


We are looking to expand rapidly across the UK, so watch this space 😉 Hold your horses for the best carrot cake in the industry!

Can I always get cakes to me within 90 mins?

Our Pinga Partners always endeavour to get your cake delivered to you within 90 minutes, and often deliver in as little as 30 minutes depending on number of cakes, distance, and time of day. However if you do receive a delivery later than 90 minutes, please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss.

If there are 4 identical cakes at the store, how can I know they chose the most delicious one of the 4?

A very good question. Our Pinga Partners are regular people who live in your area, and are trained by Pinga to choose the best cakes they can find from your local businesses. Unlike a delivery service from a much bigger company, our Pinga partners take on the form of a conscientious shopper in your name.

What if I receive the wrong cake?

We onboard all Pinga Partners and give them training to help avoid this, although we acknowledge that they are human and mistakes do happen sometimes! If you receive the wrong items, please get in touch with our customer service team who’ll make things right.

Do you allow substitutions?

If a Pinga Partner is unable to find the correct cake you’ve ordered, they can get in touch via phone to discuss alternative options (provided that you have given your phone number during registration). If you aren’t happy with any of these alternatives, you won’t be charged for the missing items.

How much does delivery cost?

Our super fast 30-90 minute delivery starts at a reasonable cost of £2.95, but you can get your first delivery free by entering code ILOVECAKE at checkout. 

Is there a minimum order value?

We’re pleased to say that there is no minimum order value, so shop for as little or as much cake as you like! 😄

Download the Pinga app

Download the Pinga app

Ready to try a new way to get your cakes delivered? And anything else you need delivered from the high street, for that matter (we also do groceries, snacks, flower shopping, book shopping)?


One that’s fast, sustainable, and ethical?


We definitely think you should. Get the app on either Android or iOS, and get your first delivery free with code ‘ILOVECAKE’.

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