Craft beer delivered in under 90 minutes

Get a cold IPA, sour or whatever you fancy delivered to your door, for free, with no minimum spend

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The beer run made easy


Perhaps you’re in need of a burst of hops, a ‘malty backbone’, or a flavour explosion from a triple fruited sour. Whatever craft beer you’re into, don’t wait for that monthly delivery box to arrive – top up your beer fridge within 90 minutes instead.


Get your first delivery free using promo code ‘CRAFTY

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How it works

Browse local stores

Browse local stores

Choose up to 25 items and your local Pinga person gets shopping

Delivered within 90 mins

Delivered within 90 mins

We source locally, so it’s coming from just around the corner

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Our Pinga people are fully vetted and DBS checked. No mountains of waste packaging

Cold craft beer. Quick free delivery. No minimum spend. Sorted.


The Pinga app lets you buy whatever you need from local stores, including craft beer. Whether that’s the selection from your local Co-op, or from specialist stores like Clapton Craft (if you’re lucky enough to live in the vicinity!).


With pubs still slowly re-opening, and more people enjoying craft beers from the safety of their own home, there’s now never been an easier way to get new & exciting craft beers in your hands, fast.


What’s more – we’re a sustainable company that has Partners delivering to you on foot or by bicycle, and using minimal packaging. No more boxes carted halfway across the country in diesel vans, and boxed up with packaging. Plus, we pay our partners fairly.


What more do you need to know?

Craft Beer Delivery FAQs

Where do you deliver to?

We currently service craft beer-drinkers in major areas of East, North and Central London (including Islington, Hackney, and Tower Hamlets) as well as Nottingham.

We are looking to expand rapidly across the UK, so watch this space 😉

How often do you update your selection?

The selection of craft beers available depends on which retailers are within your delivery area. For some lucky people that means access to specialist craft beer retailers like Clapton Craft, whereas for others your local corner shop might be a bit more limited to Brewdog and Camden beers.

Can I get beer from a particular brewery?

If your local shop stocks it, then possibly! See above on our answer to selection availability, but essentially it depends on what your local shop stocks, and if one of those local shops is a craft beer retailer. Fingers crossed!

Isn't it better to just use a craft beer delivery service?

We’re big fans of craft beer delivery boxes ourselves, and these are a great way to easily discover new beers. But what if you’ve drunk your way through the box already, and your next shipment is in a fortnight? Even if you can speed up delivery of the next box, you’re still not going to get it for a day or two. Instead, use Pinga to get the craft beers you need, in no more than 90 minutes (and often in as little as 30…)

Can I always get beers within 90 mins?

Our Pinga Partners always endeavour to get your beer delivered to you within 90 minutes, and often deliver in as little as 30 minutes depending on number of beer cans, distance, and time of day. However if you do receive a delivery later than 90 minutes, please get in touch with our customer service team to discuss.

What if I receive the wrong beers?

We onboard all Pinga Partners and give them training to help avoid this, although we acknowledge that they are human and mistakes do happen sometimes! If you receive the wrong beer, please get in touch with our customer service team who’ll make things right.

Do you allow substitutions?

If a Pinga Partner is unable to find the beer you’ve ordered, they can get in touch via phone to discuss alternative options (provided that you have given your phone number during registration). If you aren’t happy with any of these alternatives, you won’t be charged for the missing beer.

How much does delivery cost?

Our super fast 30-90 minute delivery starts at a reasonable cost of £2.95, but you can get your first delivery free by entering code CRAFTY at checkout.

Is there a minimum order value?

We’re pleased to say that there is no minimum order value, so shop for as little or as much beer as you like! 😄

Download the Pinga app

Download the Pinga app

You’ve made it this far. You must be thirsty by now, right? Don’t let that craving wait any longer. Hit download, place a craft beer order from your local shop, and kick back. It’ll be with you in no time.

Need any more incentive? Get your first delivery free with code ‘CRAFTY’.

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