2am Delivery on a Night Shift

What a week is has been a Pinga Towers! We’ve had a huge spike in demand this week thanks to some pretty shoddy weather in London.

This week we had a request in the middle of the night, just past 2pm. Emma was on a night shift and wanted some cigarettes plus a can of redbull. This is a little tricky to get in the middle of the night when you can’t leave your work location, so who you gonna call?

That’s right people, PINGA!

Sometimes orders at this sort of time might not get picked up but one of our Pinga Partners was awake and willing to do the delivery. So he ventured out into the snow blizzard.  We might be over-egging this, but this kind of feels like a movie scene of a caped crusader in Gotham. But no, this was Charlie, from Dalston, our very own superhero.

The local petrol station wasn’t too far away, so he was fast to pick up and deliver. 

This was Emma’s first time using the app and her feedback was “This is phenomenal!” It’s great to get this sort of feedback and provide her with a quality fast delivery service in London. 

From a 2am cry for help, to her items being delivered within 25 minutes. We love these sort of successful Pinga Stories. 

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