Can I get *that* on Pinga?

In this article we’re going to explore some of the weird & wonderful things that you can buy on Pinga!


If you’ve used the app you’ll know that we offer a standard range of thousands of groceries from supermarkets like Co-op and Tesco, and can get pretty much everything you need in terms of groceries.


But we aren’t just a grocery delivery app! We have many other national and independent retailers on the app, meaning a wide variety of things you can buy.


Without further ado, here are a few of the less common things you can buy with Pinga…


A two kilo loaf of bread

Hackney Wild XXL 2kg loaf

When people tell you to get that bread, they probably don’t mean a 2kg loaf from E5 Bakehouse. But why not? Enough to feed a small army, and with a £12.15 price point to boot. But you get *a lot* of bread for that money.


Granovita ‘nut luncheon’

Granovita nut luncheon

The description on the can calls this a ‘meat free savoury loaf made from peanuts’, which probably tastes alright, but ‘nut luncheon’ just sounds like something horrendous. Still, can’t be worse than actual processed luncheon meat.


A random piece of plumbing

Polyplumb Push Fit Elbow 22mm

A “Polyplumb Push Fit – Elbow 22mm” – it’s what you’ve always wanted – you just didn’t know it. Yep, we have hardware store Leyland SDM on the app, and you can buy plumbing supplies like these, should you ever need.


A book on wild swimming

UK wild swimming book

One for planning your post-lockdown adventures, when the weather warms up. This book on 300 hidden dips in lakes, rivers and waterfalls in Britain can be bought from Broadway Market retailer Donlon Books 🙂


A Mermaid Iridescent Sequins Lunch Bag

Mermaid Iridescent Sequins lunch bag

Child or adult, you’ll be the envy of all your friends with this sequin lunch bag, available at WHSmith…


Sashimi Grade Salmon Fillets

Sashimi grade salmon fillets

Another of our Broadway Market retailers, Fin & Flounder, offer daily fresh fish for you to order.


A £131.25 bottle of Baron Rothchild rose champagne

Baron Rothchild rose champagne

Available from The Wine Barrel in N16, if you’re feeling super fancy.


A tofu press

Tofu press

I’m a vegan so I’m biased, but tofu is great if you know how to flavour and prepare it right. A tofu press is one of the ways to prepare it and remove a lot of the excess water, before flavouring or marinating (and you can get one from independent supermarket Hackney Fresh).


That, or just buy some of the Tofoo brand tofu from Co-op, as that comes firm enough already…


I hope you enjoyed that roundup of lesser-known products on the Pinga platform, and have a browse around the app to find your own favourites.

And remember, if you do find something you like, you can get it delivered to your door in no more than 2 hours…result!


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