This is how delivery service Pinga is helping the High Street flourish

The demand for instant easy delivery service is now more relevant than ever. As half the UK population goes into lock-down many consumers expect their local shops to ‘digitise’ and offer a local delivery solution. 

Pinga is on a mission to ensure that consumers can continue to get the items they need from local high street stores in a convenient and sustainable manner.

Pinga delivery service

What is Pinga?

Pinga is a new delivery service with one of the lowest retailer commission rates in the UK – we don’t think the +30% rates charged by some of the big players is fair.

We believe that almost everything you need can be sourced within 2km of where you live and we’re on a mission to deliver all of it instantly and sustainably.  


What are the benefits of Pinga for a retailer?

Increase sales – your business will be exposed to a community of thousands of active Pinga app users, which means new customers for your store.

No extra work for retailer staff – our Pinga partners come into your shop and purchase the items like any normal customer. There is no tablet integration, therefore there is absolutely no extra work for you or your staff.   

Affordable commission – we’re not greedy! We have one of the lowest commission rates of any on-demand delivery company.

How is Pinga’s delivery service different?

We deliver almost anything – we started out delivering groceries, but now drop off everything from health and beauty products to books. If your shop stocks it, we can deliver it! The only thing we don’t do is hot food. 

Support local – the high street is the heart of many of our local towns and villages and in these difficult times we want to ensure that local businesses are supported and can continue to thrive. All our deliveries are made from local businesses within a 2km radius of the consumer’s home, therefore truly supporting local businesses.

We’re sustainable – at Pinga we put sustainability at the forefront of our values and therefore all our deliveries are made with low-emission methods such as by foot or bicycle. We also use minimal packaging where relevant. 

Pinga Retailers

We estimate at least 60% of what you order from Amazon is available in a shop within 2km from where you live. 

The increase in online sales has also resulted in an increase of the carbon footprint of items. By ordering items through websites such as Amazon, the journey of the product increases as it’s sourced in one area, sent to a warehouse in another area and then eventually shipped to you! 

The truth is that the light bulb you ordered from Amazon is probably available down the road at your local DIY shop. 

Fair pay – we pay all our Pinga Partners fairly and on time!

What does it take to become a Pinga retailer?

Pinga is trusted by household names such as the Co-op, however we’re keen to partner with retailers of all shapes and sizes. 

As long as you have a quality product that can be delivered then we’d love to work with you ?

Hit the link below to get in touch now.

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