First time Mum saved by Pinga delivery and surprise bouquet

Yet again a Pinga Partner comes to the rescue!

Last week a request came through from Tatiana who was bedbound in a London hospital and in desperate need of a breast pump. She had left her home in Suffolk for her surgery so was unable to call upon her friends or family who were now miles away. Confined to hospital and surrounded by strangers, Tatiana found herself in a tricky situation where the likelihood of obtaining a breast pump the very same day seemed nearly impossible. Yet this story has a happy ending.

Despite her circumstances, Tatiana knew she wasn’t alone and turned to Pinga for help. Sure enough, a nearby Pinga partner dropped what they were doing and came to her rescue at once. They arrived straight to her room within an hour of her request with the breast pump AND a bouquet of flowers for extra measure!

Tatiana was extremely grateful for the kind gesture and praised Pinga for its ‘amazing service’ that saved her from ‘some serious nursing issues’. As a new user, she wrote ‘I couldn’t believe that this service even exists!’. Stories like this are a testimony to the generosity and quite frankly heroic work of our Pinga Partners who seem to save the day no matter what the crisis!

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