Grocery delivery for those shielding & vulnerable during COVID-19

Pinga is here to help people & their local communities

Pinga’s mission is simple: to deliver anything anyone needs from within 2km of where they live. Why? Because we want to help support local businesses, and protect the environment by reducing the number of delivery vans needed on the road.


One of the nice things we’ve seen during COVID times has been our ability to help shielding and vulnerable people; those who physically aren’t able to go to the supermarket themselves to pick up groceries & other essentials. 


Government guidance on delivery services

Thankfully we’re able to continue doing this, as the UK Government has said that people staying at home can continue to use delivery services as COVID-19 is not known to be transmitted by exposure to food or food packaging. It’s heart warming to know that we’re able to help people in need, and it really reminds all of us who work here that our hard work is really making a difference. See below for some of the comments we’ve received in our reviews.


Some heart warming words from those we’ve helpedReview from someone we helped after post-holiday quarantine

Review about our super quick deliveries, and support during COVIDReview from someone saying that Pinga has been amazing during lockdown

We’re not here to just blow our own trumpet though. We’re just here to remind everyone in our coverage area in London (which spans all or part of ten boroughs) and Nottingham that we’re here for you.


The measures we’re taking to keep you all safe

To make sure we keep you safe whilst making these deliveries, we have a number of safety measures in place:


    1. Pinga Partners (our riders) are required to wear masks, and wash/sanitise hands frequently. This is whilst shopping, and when delivering to you.
    2. Pinga Partners stay at home if they feel unwell
    3. For the time being, we’re buying new re-usable bags, at no cost to you (we’re looking forward to avoiding plastic again when this is all over!)
    4. Delivery is contact-free. We’ll continue to ensure that deliveries are contact-free, with partners staying at a 2m distance where possible.


Need some items during these COVID times?

Just reach for the app on either Apple or Android. If it’s your first time using us, check out the free delivery code at the top of the page ☝️


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