Meet a Pinga Partner: Keith

Making 90-minute deliveries happen is no easy feat, but our superstar Pinga Partners make it possible.

Today we speak to Keith, from Islington, who has been a Pinga Partner for around 12 weeks, and who does all of his deliveries on a bicycle #emissionfree.

Read below to find out a bit more about him, and what a Pinga Partner’s job is like. And who knows, next time you order, it could be Keith on the way for you!


Q. What made you decide to apply to become a Pinga Partner?

A: “For the freedom, really. I’m a single dad with two teenage kids, and this job makes it much easier to work my time around them. I get to choose when I work, and for how long.”


Q. What was your work before this?

A: “I worked in a warehouse before, as an order picker for Lidl. The work was okay, but I prefer what I do now 100%.”


Q. What do you enjoy most about being a Pinga Partner?

A: “I have to say it again: the freedom. It’s great not to feel tied down. The customers are nice too. I have a couple of regulars who live local to me, and they know it’s me delivering straight away when they hear my voice on the phone. I like that.”


Q. And your least favourite?

A: “Honestly, nothing at all!”


Q. Glad to hear it. But what about when the weather’s bad?

A: “I don’t mind that. I’ve got all the right gear so I’m happy delivering whatever the weather.”


Q. What do you like doing in your spare time?

A: “I just enjoy life, really. At the moment in COVID times it’s hard to do much, but I like spending time with my sons. We’ll all play board games together, or go camping. Where do we go? All over!”


Q. If you were to place a Pinga order for dinner tonight, what would you be buying?

A: “All the ingredients for a spaghetti bolognese. That’s got to be my favourite dinner.”


Q. And last up: do you have any tips for anyone who might be interested in becoming a Pinga Partner?

A: “Just go with the flow, and be an easy person! For example, if you’re in the shop and you can’t find what the customer wants, don’t be scared to just pick up the phone and ring them.

99% of the time they’re happy to talk and discuss what other options there are. I’ve not had any awkward conversations with them, and no bad experiences!”


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