What are the top 5 most-bought products on Pinga?

With Pinga it’s easy to get just what you need, delivered. But what do people buy most with us?

We’ve taken a look at the most popular products that people buy from our retailer partner Co-op. If you want a piece of the action, you can order all of these products in the app!

1. Co-op Fairtrade Bananas

You’re all bananas!

A healthy bunch, at least. Fresh produce is very popular on Pinga, with bananas being by far your favourite!

Co-op fairtrade bananas

2. Baby spinach

Strong like Popeye

Popeye ate spinach to become big & strong, and from the data it seems like a lot of you are trying to follow suit. Post-lockdown health kick, perhaps? Honourable mention as well to ripe & ready avocados, and Co-op whole cucumber.

Co-op baby spinach

3. Coca-Cola Original Taste 1.5L

Got a sweet tooth?

It’s a classic, found in pretty much every country across the globe, so it’s no surprise to see a classic 1.5L bottle of Coca-Cola make it into this list.

Coca-cola original taste


Post-milk generation

Many of you are shunning dairy in favour of this creamy oat-based classic, from our Swedish friends at Oatly. Nice one!

Oatly barista edition

5. BrewDog Nanny State Alcohol Free 330ml

Zero percent brews

The most popular beer bought on the Pinga app is this alcohol-free number from Scottish legends BrewDog, would you believe it? You certainly are a healthy bunch, aren’t you.

Brewdog nanny state


Want any of these delivered to your door? Or want to buy 100 toilet rolls to influence our next rankings? Just hit the download button in the top right menu, and fill your boots…





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