Trying Veganuary this month? Pinga is here to help

The image above shows some typical vegan items, right? True, but we’re here to show you that there’s much more to veganism than hummus and avocados!

Vegan food, plant-based food, however you want to label it – has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and incorporates juicy burgers, sausages, curries, pasties, cheesecakes, and good old Oreos! As someone (me, Jamie!) who has been vegan for five years now, and loves food, I can guarantee you it’s not boring or plain 🙂

Introducing our Co-op ‘Veganuary’ range

For those of you taking part in Veganuary (the Go Vegan 31 day challenge), or if you’re just keen to incorporate more vegan choices into your life, we’ve created a Veganuary category in the Co-op stores on the app to make it super easy to find and buy great vegan & plant-based products.

There are 130 products into the category, but that’s by no means all of the vegan products that Co-op stocks! There are so many everyday products that are vegan, not to mention all the fruit & veg, but we’ve tried to curate a category which shows-off some of the most exciting options available.

Why try vegan?

There are three main reasons people try it: to help the environment, improve their health, and of course for kindness & compassion towards animals.

On the environmental front, animal agriculture’s contribution to climate change is well-documented, with livestock “producing more greenhouse gases every year than all of the bloc’s cars and vans put together”. Here at Pinga we’re trying to reduce the impact of deliveries on the environment, so anything else we can do to help the environment is a win!

Our top product picks for Veganuary!

Interested, but not sure what to buy? Check out some of our top Veganuary picks below, all available to buy in the app from Co-op.

The Incredible Burger

The box describes these as “juicy & succulent extra thick burgers”, and the box doesn’t lie! A solid vegan burger option at £2.30 for two, and packed full of protein.

Co-op’s GRO range of vegan products are great, and include sausages, sandwiches, ready meals and puddings. You can’t really go wrong ?

Oreos are vegan, yes!

One of the first ‘accidentally vegan’ products vegans excitedly tell you about are Oreos. These moreish little black & white biscuits are delightful, as I’m sure you already know.

The Vegetarian Butcher Chicken-Style Chunks 

There’s a vegan alternative for pretty much everything you already like to eat, which makes life much easier if you’re looking to eat more plant-based foods. Dutch brand The Vegetarian Butcher make these chicken-style chunks perfect for salads, curries & more.

Gü Salted Caramel Cheesecakes


These are seriously great. Take my word for it. Try them!

Oatly Barista Oat Milk

The best vegan milk replacement, hands down. It’s creamy & tasty – perfect for cereal, doesn’t curdle in hot drinks, and can even be frothed for cappuccinos and the like. Best of all  – no cows harmed in the process! ?

Violife Grated Cheese

Ok I’ll admit – vegan cheese still isn’t as good as dairy cheese. But still, this goes great on top of beans on toast, or to top a pizza that you’re making yourself! 🙂


Be sure to check out the full range in the Co-op stores on the Pinga app!

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