Sticking to your New Year’s Resolutions? Here’s how Pinga can help.

Three weeks into 2021 already, and this lockdown is dragging on!


Still, positivity is key, so time to look at and work on the things we can control, which means trying to stick to some New Year’s Resolutions!


Whether that’s something as simple as committing to a lunchtime walk every day during lockdown, to help maintain positive mental health, or training for a full marathon, we’ve taken a look at some common New Year’s Resolutions, and selected some products available on the Pinga app that we think can help.


Are you attempting any of these New Year’s Resolutions?


Resolution #1 – Dry January – improving your physical & mental health


Trying to go booze-free this month, or cutting back on your alcohol intake? It’s a great decision for your physical and mental health, but it doesn’t mean you have to go without.


We’ve set up a dedicated ‘Dry Jan’ category in our Co-op stores, with alcohol-free and low alcohol lagers, wine and BrewDog Punk IPA available. 


There’s even an AF G&T available from Tesco ?


Alcohol-free virgin gin & tonic from Tesco


Resolution #2 – Veganuary – saving animals, helping the environment, and improving your health


With a record half a million people signing up to try Veganuary in January, veganism is hitting the mainstream more than ever. And for good reason, with many positive ethical, environmental and health benefits.


We recently added a Veganuary category to the Co-op stores in our app, so you can try some of the best vegan products available locally to you. We wrote a bit more about that here.


Our top Veganuary pick from Co-op? It’s got to be the meaty Incredible Burger. Remember, vegan doesn’t necessarily mean healthy! There are plenty of treats, snacks and junk food to satisfy your cravings, but also plenty of healthy fruit & veg to choose from too.


Co-op GRO Incredible Burger - vegan burger


Resolution #3 – A general January health kick? Sports nutrition & vitamins available from multiple retailers


In addition to Dry January and Veganuary helping you live more healthily this month, we’ve also got a range of vitamins, protein supplements, and health foods available from Holland & Barrett and Boots.


How about a Bounce Peanut Protein Ball? Packed with almost 10g of protein in just a 35g snack.

Bounce peanut protein ball 45g

Or Vitabiotics Wellman Sport tablets?

Vitabiotics Wellman Sport 30 Tablets


Resolution #4 – Eating better quality food – fresh, local produce


Last year we worked hard to get new independent retailers onto the Pinga app, in order to support local businesses and offer some quality local alternatives to bigger supermarkets.


We added local Hackney Favourite, Hackney Fresh, where you can buy all the best organic produce such as organic rye bread, plant-based ‘honea’, and high quality dark chocolate.

Rose infused vegan 'honea' honey


We even have a fishmonger on the app, from Broadway Market’s finest Fin & Flounder


Fin & Flounder fishmongers Broadway Market shopfront


There’s also Humble Meal, who are sadly closed during lockdown, but one to remember in the near future! They offer wholesome home-cooked meals in a takeaway option for heating at home. Healthier than a takeaway, and (quite possibly!) tastier than your own home cooking! How about their Sausage Swirls with Cannellini Bean Cassoulet & Fennel, available as a single or double meal for yourself or with a friend or partner.

Sausage swirls meal for two from Humble Meal


Resolution #5 – Time for some meditation & mindfulness?


There are numerous benefits of meditation which can really improve your overall mental & physical wellbeing. Whether that’s using one of the many popular apps like Calm or Headspace, or embarking on a full mantra meditation course with a company like Beeja, one of the wonderful essential oil candles from Mother Earth in Islington would make a delightful, calming accompaniment to your practice.

Ylang yland candle from Mother Earth

Resolution #6 – Time to read more!


Pages of Hackney is a wonderful independent book shop in Lower Clapton. We aren’t currently able to deliver their items during lockdown, but be sure to support them once restrictions are eased! With over a thousand books to choose from, there’s plenty to get stuck into.


Girl, woman, other book by Bernadine Evaristo


Resolution #7 – Random acts of kindness – using Pinga to send gifts


There are many ways you can engage in random acts of kindness, one of which is surprising a loved one with a gift! Did you know you can use Pinga to send gifts to people? Just set the delivery address to the person you’d like to send a gift to, and order as normal. They’ll get a surprise delivery within 2 hours, just make sure they’re going to be in (more than likely at this current time, sadly!)


Want some gift ideas? We’ve written another blog post on the topic here.


Resolution #8 – Kicking back, and enjoying life


With the year we just had, and the way 2021 has started, you might not want to commit to much right now, and just take life and enjoy it as it comes. We totally get that! In which case, use Pinga to buy whatever makes you happy.


There are over 16,000 products on the app at the moment, so there really is something for everyone!


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